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About CIDP

Chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy, or CIDP, is a disorder where antibodies in the immune system attack healthy tissue, affecting the nerves in the arms and legs.

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What is CIDP?

CIDP is a rare medical condition that can be difficult to diagnose. CIDP is most commonly experienced as weakness in the arms and legs, and may be accompanied by a prickling sensation and numbness. Symptoms can happen in waves, coming and going over time, or progress consistently.

What is CIDP image

What is CIDP image


*Response to treatment was an improvement in a patient’s score based on an examination that measures arm and leg mobility.

Dose-dependent increase in headache was observed in 2 g/kg treatment group.

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*Eligible, commercially insured patients may pay as little as $0 for PANZYGA and may receive a maximum benefit of $12,500 per year or the cost of patient’s co-pay in a 12-month period (whichever is less) for claims received by the program. Terms and conditions/eligibility requirements apply. See full terms and conditions at

- Patients must have commercial insurance to be eligible

- Patients are not eligible if they are enrolled in a state or federally funded insurance program